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Author Interview with Tracy Kauffman (Southern Attraction)

Author Interview

I hereby present to you an interview with writer Tracy Kauffman, where we talk about her new Young Adult book 'Southern Attractions'.

Author Biography:

Tracy Kauffman is a Christian author who writes fiction for Young Adults and Children. She grew up in North Alabama, where she still resides with her husband and daughter. She loves taking cruises and traveling with her family. Her favorite place that she has been to is the Grand Canyon.   
Tracy has an associates degree in Nursing. She is a registered nurse and works part time in a local nursing home. The rest of the time she spends her time writing books and marketing them. Her titles include: Gwendolyn’s Wish, Southern Adventures, Richard the Lionheart, My Boyfriend the Squire, Southern Attraction and Captain Honey Bear. 
Tracy started writing poetry at a small age and won the title of editor in her school newspaper, when she was in second grade.  She had her first poem published in a online writing contest called, The Cosmetology Student. She decided to write her first book, Southern Adventures, when her son left home for the Air Force. 
She loves writing and hopes to be able to inspire her readers into living a happy healthier life.  She feels like her own life experiences have made her a better writer.  



1. Can you tell me a little about your new book, Southern  Attraction? 
Southern Attraction is a young adult romance about a conceited self absorbed young girl who loses her parents and is forced to live with her uncle from the south.  The book talks about her trials that she has to overcome moving to a whole different environment then trying to find love in the process.

2. Who or what inspired you to write this book? 
I wanted to write a young adult romance book and one day, a bad storm passed over my house which reminded me of the tornados that blast through Alabama in April of 2011. So, I decided to write about the things I heard from family and friends, and the things I saw when visiting differnet towns in Alabama that got hit; at the same time trying to write about romance between a northern girl and two southern rednecks.

3. In  the book Heather moves to Alabama, where you come from. Did you use some of your own experiences in Alabama in the book? 
Yes, the tornado that blast through Heather's town really came through Alabama but we were lucky enough not to have lost our home.  In the book she has to try to decide between two guys that she likes and I've been there too.

4. There are two love interests for Heather in the book. Tell me a little more about them. 
Shawn is a scruggly looking fellow who doesn't care much for vanity but is attractive without being conceited. Jake is more about vanity and is a lot like Heather.

5. Which character from the book was your favourite and why? 
Mick (the uncle who Heather moves in with) was my favorite because he was down to earth and didn't care about what people thought of him. At the same time, he was sweet and really cared about his niece.

6. Are you currently working on a new book? And if so, what is it about? 
Yes, I have started a young adult mystery/suspense book about a girl who sees her mother's murder or does she?

7. Are your previously published works also for young adults? If so, what are they about? 
I write mainly for young adults now. My Boyfriend the Squire is a romance book set back in the Middle Ages. Southern Attraction is somewhat of a memoir about my life growing up in the south.

8. What do you like to read for yourself? 
I like adventures and historical romances. I am reading the Highland Series by Amanda Scott.

9. What is the greatest thing about being a writer?
Not only do I have freedom from a full time job but I enjoy writing for the sake of writing.  Something about writing down my thoughts on paper.

10. Describe in one sentence why everyone should read your new book. 
It is an insightful romantic love story that will teach you a lesson about life and how things don't always work out the way you think they will.

11. Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?
I hope that I can develop more as a writer and bring you more intriguing plots, twist and turns in the books to come.

Thank you Tracy Kauffman for the opportunity of interviewing you!

The book

Southern Attraction
Author: Tracy Kauffman


Southern Attraction is a young adult romance book about a girl who loses her parents and is forced to live with a redneck uncle from Alabama. There she has to choose between two young men that she likes. Will she choose true love or a lifestyle that she is accustomed to. 
Heather has everything she ever wanted; money, clothes, friends, popularity and parents that adored her. Until one terrible day, she loses it all. She is uprooted from a place she loves to a small town in Alabama with a uncle she doesn’t know. The small town of Huckleburg was nothing like Manhattan. Country rednecks owned the town and no one accepted Yankees from New York. Heather didn’t think things could get worse until a tornado comes and blast through the small town. Heather has to lose herself to rediscover what life is all about. She meets two guys that she can’t decide between who she really wants. Join Heather as she discovers that there is more to life than money and fame. Will Heather ever fit in and find true love or will she stay an outsider living in the south.

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