Saturday, 31 August 2013

A Monthly Round Up: AUGUST

A Monthly Round Up is a meme hosted at Feed Me Books Now!!!. The purpose of this meme is to sum up the month's blogging in one post. In the post you can mention the books you read that month, things that happened in the bookish world and blogs you discovered/read that month.

This month was not really a big blogging month. I went on vacation and after that I kind of lost blogging inspiration. I did a few reviews, but I couldn't come up with other posts, like discussions. I hate this blogging slump and I hope it will be over very soon.

Books read & reviewed this month

So, only five reviews this month, not my best month indeed.
The favourites of this month are: Crown of Midnight and Never Fade. Both amazing sequels!

Other Posts

And I had my second discussion post this month, about love triangles:

I also started my own meme called 'Classic Love', in which I feature my favourite 'adult/classic' books.

Looking forward to in September

  • Starting at the university! I'm going to study English. But with that I don't think I'll be able to blog as much as I could in my holiday. So sorry in advance if I don't post so much.
  • My birthday! It's on the 21st :)
  • Releases of Antigoddess, Coldest Girl in Coldtown, The 100 and Not a drop to drink.

Happy September!


  1. Happy early birthday! Plus, I'll miss you! Hope you will still post every now and then. Good luck though!
    Laura @ Music Plus Books

  2. Thank you! I'll definitely try to post at least one post a week :)

  3. You read some great books this month. At least I think so. I didn't read ny of them, yet. :p And I totally agree with the post about the love triangles

  4. The books you have read sound great though I haven't read them yet. But I have a feeling I should read Throne of Glass soon. :D
    Happy Birthday in advance! Hope you'll have a kickass September! :)

  5. You read some great books in August. I can't wait to finish The Darkest Minds and read Never Fade. :) Good luck at university! I've been thinking about studying English as well, but I didn't end up doing it.

  6. The great thing about a reading slump is that it's only temporary. It'll be over soon. :)

    I'm so glad to hear you liked Crown of Midnight. I would hop to your review of it, but I haven't read Throne of Glass yet. However I did buy both books in ebook format today, so hopefully soon I'll be able to find out why the series is so great!

  7. Well, in your case, *blogging slump*.

  8. I replied to your comment on my monthly wrap-up post! Thank you for stopping by. This round-up is pretty cool. I commented on your review of Pivot Point! Also, your new meme sounds great. :)

  9. Booooo blogging slump! Hopefully it gets better <3 I have a hiatus coming up for my blog and I'm worried that I'll lose my oomph during the break. Sometimes it's hard to to turn blogging off and on like that!

    Hope you have a great September though! Happy early birthday in case I forget three weeks from now! :)

  10. Yes, you should definitely read Throne of Glass, it's so good! Thanks:)

  11. I hope so too! You should definitely read Throne of Glass soon, it's so good:)

  12. Thanks! I feel the blogging slump disappearing slowly already now that I'm blogging regularly again:)

  13. Best of luck to you in school!! And happy early birthday! :)

  14. You read some amazing books this month!Can't wait to get my hands on Crown of Midnight.Happy September and happy early birthday :)

    Elena @ Book Lady's Reviews

  15. Great books this month! I'm also looking forward to Antigoddess and Not A Drop To Drink :)


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