Saturday, 29 June 2013

Rainbow Spines Book Tag

I saw this post on Feed Me Books Now! and I really loved the idea. I checked out the original video and I decided to do my own Rainbow Spines Book Tag!

What you have to do is choose a book for each colour of the rainbow. The colours are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

My Rainbow Spines

For Red I chose Vampire Academy. The whole series has this beautiful red cover. I guess they choose the red colour on purpose, with the vampires and blood and all. I like this version better than the one with the cover models.

For Orange I chose Mockingjay, part 3 in the Hunger Games series. The orange colour reminds me of fire, and that of course reminds me of the Girl on Fire.

For Yellow I chose Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. It has some yellow on the front, not much, but I did not have any other yellow books. The yellow reminds me of lightning or maybe fire. 

For Green I chose Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. This is my favourite HP book. The cover shows Harry in the lake by Hogwarts and the green is from the waterplants. (This is the Dutch version of the book.)


For Blue I chose Siege and Storm. The cover has different shades of blue that make up the sky. The different swirls of white in it make it look like a storm. It's such a pretty cover!

For Indigo I chose Wither. Before this post I had never heard of the colour indigo. Apparently it is a mix of violet and blue. The background of this cover seems to match the description.

For Violet I chose Insurgent. Although this book doesn’t match my US version of Divergent and I don't really like this cover, I’m glad I have this version now, because this is my only violet book. It’s a very pretty colour.

I really loved this tag! I hope other people will try this too, if you do, leave your link in the comments.


  1. I am so doing this when I have time! Hopefully I can find the right colours... I already have one in mind for Indigo haha

  2. Great choices and reasoning for each colour! :) Glad you enjoyed the tag!!

  3. LOVE Vampire Academy, cannot WAIT for the film, and I'm so impatient to see some stills. I also like the red covers more than the models ones--which don't look great. Catching Fire is awesome and I can't wait to see the film of that too, Jennifer Lawrence is so great at acting Katniss! Really want to read the Percy Jackson series, Siege and Storm and also Wither! Lol ;)

    -Tilly @ Hardcore Heroines

  4. This is such a cool idea! I'm definitely doing it :)

  5. Hey, neat idea! And it's so cool to see the Dutch version of Goblet of Fire!!

  6. A really nice idea! I love book covers, so maybe I'll try this on my blog.
    I just finished reading the first two books of the Divergent series and loved it! Really not sure why they changed the covers here in the UK, though - the US covers are so much better.

    Found your blog on Bloglovin', so am following you there and on GFC. Hope you can stop by mine sometime:

    Have a great week!


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