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Top Ten Tuesday #8

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created at The Broke and the Bookish. Each week they will post a new Top Ten list that one of our bloggers over at The Broke and the Bookish will answer. Everyone is welcome to join.

This week: Top Ten Words/Topics That Will Make You NOT pick up a book

If either of these 1o things are in the blurb or a review of the book, I will probably not read it or it will get little stars in my own review.

1. Erotica

I don't judge people who read these kinds of books, but this topic just really doesn't attract me.

Examples: Fifty Shades of Gray and similar books.

2. Love triangle

It's not like I would not read any book with a love triangle in it, because then I probably could not read any YA. But if the blurb/review makes it seem like the love triangle is the most important part of the novel I won't pick it up. The romance should never overshadow the actual plot, this goes for every sort, not just love triangles.

Example: The Elite

3. Depressing topics

I read books for fun. That doesn't mean every book I read has to be all about happy stuff, but books particularly about serious stuff, like death and depression, I want to avoid. It just gets me depressed myself.

Examples: The S-Word, Thirteen Reasons Why

4. Super arrogant protagonist/love interest

When the blurb already mentions such a person I immediately get repulsed from the book. I really hate these characters and when they are so obviously arrogant it's mentioned in the summary, I'm not going to like it. There's nothing wrong with a bad boy, but only if he actually has a good side.

Examples: The Collector, Obsidian

5. Instalove/ unrealistic romance

'She meets a mysterious boy and is immediately attracted to him. After this meeting she can't get him out of her head and has to know him.'
If something like this is in a blurb I will already be irritated with the book. I get that people are attracted to each other without really knowing the other, but instantly loving another person and getting obsessed with them.. no. This happens in so many books and it's just not realistic. 

Example: Across the Universe, Unraveling

6. 'The New (fill in a very famous book)'

I don't like it when this is said in a blurb. I know it's to attract readers who liked those other famous books, but it gives too many high expectations. Most books can't possibly rise to the level of these famous books, and the comparison just makes them look bad. And is it not good to be unique and not to be compared to another book?

Examples: The Testing, The 5th Wave

7. Whiny/unlikeable protagonist

When in a review people talk about an unlikable MC they could not connect too, I'm already hesitant to read the book. I like to be able to identify with the MC. Of course she/he does not have to be perfect, but if I get constantly irritated by this person, there's something wrong.

Example: Across the Universe, Parasite

8. Too many/confusing POVs

Multiple POVs in books can be amazing, if only they are clear, distinguishable and written in the same narrative. I like the POVs to be in different chapters, that is the clearest. If at a certain moment I don't know who's speaking anymore, the whole story will get confusing.

Example: Of Poseidon

9. Too little worldbuilding

Especially with dystopians worldbuilding is very important, I like to have a good view of the world and how it came to be. In dystopians/sci-fi's this is extra important because the world is not our own. If I am kept in the dark for a long time or the worldbuilding is so minimal I have no idea how to imagine a world, I don't like it.

Example: Legend

10. Bad grammar

Bad use of grammar is so annoying. And no, this is not only the case in self-published books. A few mistakes are not that bad, but if I'm constantly distracted by them I will get the urge to quit the book.

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  1. We have a lot of similar put offs!

    And I agree with you about world building. I hate it when I can't envision the book properly, and am left making stuff up.

    Bad grammar is the worst! I narrow my eyes at mistakes, and ask myself how it made it into the published version, haha.

    My Top Ten post :)

    Chiara @ Books For A Delicate Eternity

  2. Great post, I agree with pretty much all your points. I think love-triangles is becoming WAY to common in YA books. It makes me think that authors are running out of ideas.

  3. Yes, I mean, I'm not even a native English speaker and I can spot the spelling mistakes, so why can't the editor?

  4. I know right?! In almost every new YA book there's a love triangle, like a normal romance between 2 people is not possible anymore..

  5. Whiny character & bad grammar! I totally agree with these points. Or, in my case, bad translation (because lots of books in my country are translated from its original language) you just can sense it, that a particular book should be really really interesting & a page-turner but the bland translation made the book come out as bleh :(

  6. Didn't think of some of these! Guess I got stuck on "word". Love triangles are a kind of hit or miss for me. Insta-love I cannot stand! Nice picks! Should've thought of these "elements" a bit more to fill my 5! Oh well!

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  7. Oooooh how did I forget love triangles!? I HATE them so so much. Bah!

    Awesome list, totally agree with all of these, basically :D
    Happy reading!

  8. I totally agree with the depressing topics. I too read for enjoyment so I don't want to spend the entire read crying. A little crying is ok though haha. I also hate too many POVs unless it's realltyclear who the characters are and it works well with the story.

  9. Bad translations are awful to read! I've read some of them too, from English to Dutch, and you can indeed just spot weird sentences that would have been great in English but don't sound good at all in Dutch..

  10. YES to almost all of those! I am actually drawn to depressing "issues" books. I think I like to make myself cry.

    Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

  11. Some of these really bother me too. Not a fan of insta-love. It so rarely works out in a books favor. :)

  12. A lot of these I may not like either, but I usually don't know I don't like it until I am reading the book, like the whiny protagonist. I really hate when the female character thinks she is totally unlovable and undeserving of the beautiful guy. My TTT.

  13. Why do authors think we want to read books about confident, commanding, domineering male protagonists anyway?

  14. I really don't know, seems they think we think that is attractive or something..

  15. I definitely agree with erotica. I can't do it. Colour me a prude haha I do actually like some issue books that can be a bit depressing, but that's because I want realistic fiction, you know? Great list this week!

  16. Yes, I know, that's why I like to read a lot of reviews of books before reading them, so I don't come across these nasty surprises.

  17. Great picks, all of those things can be pretty frustrating. I am finding more and more books that totally lack world building. And people Love them and turn around and rate Amazing books low because they are Too Slow!!

    I totally agree with arrogant love interests. I just don't like the bad boy persona. The only bad guy I've ever really liked in a book is Warner from Shatter Me because he's so complicated. I just hate the cookie cutter bad boy persona. Ugh.
    Thanks for stopping by!
    Megan @ Love, Literature, Art, and Reason

  18. The only Erotica book I read were the fifty shades and that was because I borrowed them from a friend. They weren't to great and if my friend didn't have them, then I wouldn't have read them because I wasn't going to spend money on them myself.

    My TTT- http://angelica-2009.blogspot.com/2013/07/top-ten-tuesday-13.html

  19. Great list. I agree with you on the erotica, it might be some people's idea of a good read, but to me it's a bit annoying. Male dominance does not make a good love story in my eyes.

  20. I totally agree with this list! You made very good picks :) I also love your blog, it's so pretty!

    My TTT: http://prettylittlememoirs.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/top-ten-tuesday-wordstopics-that-will.html

  21. Thanks and thanks:) Really loved the speech bubble image you put above your list, very original!

  22. A lot of these aren't things I would have thought to put on my list, but I see where you're coming from. A lot of people are putting instalove on their lists today, unfortunately my teenage girlhood tends to get in the way of my ability to object to such storylines x) Me and my friend always argue about it, especially in relation to Marius and Cosette in Les Miz (the musical, I mean). She says they're creepy, I say they're adorable!

    My TTT- www.letmejudge.wordpress.com

  23. Instalove can be good in a book, look at Romeo and Juliet. But most of the times it makes it look like the author doesn't want to spend time on any building of chemistry and just chooses the fast way, which is love at the first sight..

  24. Even fast-paced books can have great worldbuilding, some authors just don't take the time for it, a big waste! Cookie cutter... LOL! I know, most of the time they're just stereotypical arrogant boys, no character development at all.

  25. Definitely agree with Bad Grammar, but it's not something you can see before actually picking up the book, unfortunately. :P I agree with all the other ones, as well, even though I would sometimes pick up a book with a depressing topic. (like TFiOS). Thanks for stopping by! :)

  26. Ahhh I agree with pretty much ALL of these! Instalove is such a pain to read about. TOTALLY not realistic.

  27. I also have love triangles on m list! Don't stand them! I forgot to put insta-love *sigh* but yeah doesn't feel real to me! Great list!

    My TTT

    Ally @ Book Fixation

  28. The biggest one, and by that I mean THE BIGGEST ONE that I really really really really (I could go on all day) hate is Whiny/unlikable heroine. Gosh, they get on my nerves!

  29. Totally agree! "'The New (fill in a very famous book)'" -- I hate that too! Because it's never as good as the one they are comparing it too...or not even the same! And, yeah, uniqueness is very important in my opinion.

    And bad grammar! I absolutely CANNOT stand it!

    Thanks for stopping by :)

    --Sam @ SIK Book Reviews

  30. I agree with Erotica for sure! Great list!

    My TTT:


  31. I didn't think of bad grammar but that's a good one! I'm also unlikely to pick up a book that's being compared to another popular book. I think that's the reason it took me so long to read Divergent since when I heard about it, it was being called the next Hunger Games. Great list! Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  32. Ooh great list. I didn't think of erotica, but yeah, definitely not my thing. I think the only thing I am different with is depressing topics. I'm actually more likely to avoid a book that sounds overly happy or fluffy! I know, I'm a weirdo ;) Besides that though, I think we're in an agreement. ;)

  33. I completely agree with your list! Instalove and Arrogant Love Interests didn't make it on my list, but they should have! Oh, and Bad Grammar and Confusing POV's - definitely make me want to put the book down! Thanks for stopping by my TTT!

  34. Agree with you on number 1.

  35. Oh I see we have love triangles, insta-love, and erotica in common! I would also have to agree with you on super arrogant love interests (very unattractive) and lots of POVs (very confusing).

  36. 6. 'The New (fill in a very famous book)'

    I wish I had thought about this, because I so agree. "If you liked [insert popular books]..." No, just no.

  37. I hate depressing books, but I always read them. I guess I like books with strong feelings, and sometimes feeling badly is just the way it is. It's realistic, but I totally get what you mean and respect it. I wish I could stop myself from reading these books.

  38. Great choices!I hate love triangles and bad grammar even though I didn't add it to my list.Bad grammar is always distracting.I don't actually like depressing books but for some reason...I always find my self reading one of those!Thanks for stopping by my TTT.

    Elena @ Book Lady's Reviews

  39. I agree with a number of these! Namely insta-love, whiny characters, impulsive/selfish characters and, definitely Erotica! I do read some depressing books though... but I love the emotion they stir from the reader! I can understand they're not everyone's cup of tea though! :)

  40. Instalove is so irritating. Sometimes it's nearly enough for me to put down a book. Also, too little world-building in dystopias/fantasies is the worst.

  41. I agree with Sara, instalove is super annoying. Too little worldbuilding has always been one of my pet peeves-if you've read The Selection, you know what I'm talking about. >.< Great TTT!

  42. Yes, I've read The Selection and I definitely know what you mean LOL!

  43. We do have some in common, like erotica. I generally don't like more than two POVs if they are in the 1st person because it's confusing. Unrealistic love is also a big one!

    Thanks for stopping by :)


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